Group Fitness like never before

Our Team of Skilled Personal Trainers take you and two other Barrington Fitness Studio Members through a non-stop 45 minute work out that capitalizes on intensity to get you the results you need.


We work on your cardiovascular health to help improve your your day to day life, in ways you could never imagine

Fat Burn

In our class, we will have you moving for 45 minutes straight. This keeps your heart rate up, so that you can get results fast.

Resistance Training

Gaining Lean Muscle Mass is one of the main components of our group sessions. With our expert help, will help you gain the body you've always dreamed of.

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The first Aspect of our Group sessions consist of Resistance Training. We use State of the Art Keiser Equipment to apply the maximum amount of strain on your muscles during your time in the gym while eliminating any of the serious injury risk that normal every day gym equipment simply can not avoid. With our Keiser Pnuematic Resistance Training Equipment, you never lift