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About Us

At the Barrington Fitness Studio we believe your body should be trained the way nature intended. Our mission is to help you attain your health & fitness goals via customized personal training programs based on time-tested scientific, functional training and corrective exercise principals. Functional training involves safe and efficient exercises that help improve each individual’s fitness level by working the body with compound movements that work multiple body parts at once.

Compound movements that challenge many muscle groups in multiple planes of motion at once means your workouts will better prepare you for everyday activities as well as for sport-specific movements. This also translates into efficient workouts that take less time and most importantly are FUNctional. Exercise doesn’t have to be monotonous or boring and on the contrary it should be fun and your trainer will keep your routine fun with lots of variety.

Our personal trainers design FUNctional, progressive workout programs around your schedule and your activity interests. We provide a focus on corrective exercise principals to help improve posture and restore optimum physical performance. Utilizing advanced physical screening processes which help to identify physical limitations and prioritize training strategies our trainers work hard to help you achieve your goals. By helping you to continually identify your goals through short or long-term goal counseling, we design programs that lead to successful fitness, fat loss, weight loss and healthy lifestyles.

Using the most comprehensive movement screening protocols and testing methods along with functional training our trainers are delivering training programs that are truly “changing the way people exercise®”.

Many exercise programs and sports specific training programs are now available at Barrington Fitness. Speed & agility training, fitness assessments & testing, personal training, group exercise classes, youth exercise classes, ski conditioning, tennis conditioning, the iGolfFitprogram and other athletic conditioning programs are among the few of the many personal fitness services we offer here at Barrington Fitness.