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The Key to Your Health

The Key to Your Health

Insulin is the hidden key to your health. Insulin a peptide hormone, that is produced from our pancreas gland and serves primarily to regulate glucose levels in our blood and determines if glucose is used as energy in the body or saved as fat for use later. When people do not use this hormone efficiently, they can quickly develop insulin resistance.

As we begin eating and food enters our bodies, our blood sugar levels rise. Our pancreas is then kicked into action after our bodies notice this spike in blood sugar and insulin is released into the bloodstream. Insulin then determines whether our cells will convert the bodies glucose into energy or store it as fat, to use as energy later. 

Another primary responsibility of insulin is to store sugar as glycogen in the liver and muscles of the body and when needed also convert extra sugars into fat storage. Our bodies are capable of this because insulin allows our muscles and fat cells to absorb glucose and sugar. These stored sugars are then saved to be used as energy for our bodies to use later. 

Insulin resistance occurs when an individual is unable to use insulin efficiently. Insulin resistance can lead to a series of problems, as glucose levels build up in the bloodstream and our bodies begin to operate in less than optimal states. As we touched upon earlier, glucose is turned into energy within the cells with the help of insulin and without sufficient insulin use, due to insulin resistance, our bodies will store this glucose as fat and blood sugar levels will rise. In simpler terms, insulin resistance is when a persons body develops a tolerance to insulin and needs more of the hormone than one could reasonably expect the pancreas to produce to perform normal functions. 

Insulin resistance is caused by the increase production of insulin due to lifestyle and dietary choices made by many Americans today. These poor choices include diets heavy on sugars, carbohydrates and an inactive life style. 

After reviewing countless studies and various topics of research, our team has determined that insulin resistance is the major common factor that spread throughout the deadliest and most common diseases in America. While insulin is a vital part of a healthy life and we would die without the hormone, far too many Americans are scrumming to a slow, painful death because of just the opposite. Too much insulin in an individuals body, causing insulin resistance can be directly related to many cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as heart conditions, hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity and many, many more. We are confident that many people suffering from these conditions could be helped is ways easier than they thought possible if they capitalize on understanding the power of insulin and the relationship it has with our bodies and these debilitating diseases.