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Understanding Death and America’s Top Ten Killers

Today in America over 2,700,630 people die each year. The majority of these deaths come from America’s top 10 killers, many of which have a direct relationship with the lifestyle we live. So we have taken a in depth look, examining numerous studies to compile a detailed report that examines these relationships to help us determine what we can do to live better, healthier more fulfilling lives. This report is the product of research motivated by the alarming rise in early and preventable deaths that we are currently seeing in America. While our culture often times places an emphasis on instant gratification through simple pleasures such as food, and promises quick results with crash diets and exercise trends while new medications are seemingly invented each and every week to allow us to live with serious conditions caused by the lifestyle our culture promotes. These quick fixes simply enable the lifestyle choices that cause the root of these problems, which result in an overwhelming amount of early deaths in our country each and every year. Modern science allows us to track what causes these deaths every year and through these experts research are able to determine how to prevent these tragic loses.

Statistics show that one or several of these conditions affect many of us already, even if we are currently unaware of our current personal health. What is even more probable however is that because of the current lifestyle we may be living is that our risk of succumbing to these conditions is extremely high. However, what we can almost guarantee because of the statistics is that while you are reading this, someone you know and love has been affected by at least one of these diseases and conditions and chances are you may have known someone that has passed because of one of America’s top ten killers. Fortunately, if acted upon there is time for change and redemption. While other outside factors such as exposure to outside elements may be out of our hands, the ability to take control of our own fate is still a possibility if the need for a change is recognized and acted upon. According to the CDC the nations top leading killers are:  

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases
  4. Accidents
  5. Strokes
  6. Alzheimer Disease
  7. Diabetes
  8. Influenza and Pneumonia
  9. Nephritis 
  10. Suicide and Depression 

Throughout the upcoming months, we will be highlighting several of these killers and reviewing ways that we can help prevent premature death and live the healthiest, happiest and longest lives possible.