Diabetes and Your Health

Diabetes and Your Health Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects how our bodies turn food into energy. Most of the food a human eats is turned into energy when it is broken down into sugar and then distributed into our blood stream. Insulin, a hormone crucial to this process allows the blood sugar in […]

Why You Need A Personal Trainer

Throughout the following weeks, we are going to be sharing with you the best reasons why YOU need a personal trainer in your life. Regardless of our needs, a personal trainer can help any individual with their health and life goals inside and out of the gym. Because we are all unique people, we all […]

The New Anti – Depressant

America’s Top Ten Killers. #10 – Depression and Suicide According to the Mental Health Institute of America, Depression and suicide are the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. Each year, 44,000 individuals die prematurely due to the mental illness, resulting in a “successful” suicide 1 out of every 25 attempts. These high […]

Your Greatest Tool in Preventing Strokes

Your Greatest Tool in Preventing Strokes Strokes, accounts for the third amount of deaths in our country. A total of 140,000 people die each year in America while 795,000 fall victim and live with the consequences each day after surviving. Often referred to as a brain attack, a stroke occurs when a blockage occurs, preventing […]

The Power of Resistance Training

Resistance training is any form of exercise that causes muscles to contract against an external force. The training works by introducing stress via resistance that breaks down muscle forcing it to rebuild. In a study published by Current Sports Medicine Reports, written by PhD. Wayne L. Westcott titled “Resistance Training is Medicine: Effects of Strength […]